LGBTQ Flemington NJ Chapter Happening 

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Free Yoga Class a March 7 2020 (First Sat of the month) at the

Flemington Free Public Library

118 Main Street  Flemington, NJ 08822 

The yoga and Social is Up Stair 3 Floor

Yoga Class will be in Room 2 

 Room 1 will be the social and support group for 18 and up


About the Free Yoga Class


Infused in all Honor Yoga Classes you will find a dash of philosophy/dharma talk, breathing/pranayama and elements of meditation. Each class always ends with a delicious relaxing recovery/savasana with aromatherapy using Honors signature essential oils. Most classes are 60 minutes in length allowing you the ability to meditation before our after class guided by Honor Yoga Now’s professional meditations

What is Yoga?

The word yoga means to yoke. At its core, yoga is a practice that seeks to unite the physical, mental and spiritual body. A full sense of well-being is promoted through yoga, which distinguishes it from an aerobic class or many other types of exercise you might try at a gym.

Is Yoga safe?

Honor Yoga emphasizes a balance of strength, flexibility, and endurance. Through the use of props such as belts, blankets, bolsters, and blocks students can achieve precise postures safely and completely according to their particular body type and needs. All the poses, practiced mindfully, restore physical, physiological, and mental well- being. Honor Yoga teaches correct alignment of the spine and limbs in all poses and helps stimulate and balance all systems of the body recreating and/or maintaining harmony.

Why begin a yoga practice?

Yoga is a lifelong practice. It is no mystery that our physical well-being is closely tied to our mental well-being. The sutras tell us that the practice yoga is a means to remove the obstacles that disturb and distract our consciousness. The practice of asana is a wonderful way to begin to restore ourselves to good health. Asana practice allows us to focus and rechannel our awareness inward. Through the practice of asana we build strength and gain freedom and space in the body. We create a more nurturing and healthy environment within ourselves. The environment that we create within expresses outwardly in our relationships towards ourselves and others.

As Iyengar notes:

“If we have peace within us, peace will follow with others, too. Then the world is also in peace. ”