LGBTQ Youtube Stories

LGBTQ Youtube Stories

YouTube Stories

Coming Out: Personal Stories from Parents, Teens and Experts ​Parent Story by Colleen Toohey Porter My son, William, is a 23-year-old college graduate living and working in Toronto, Canada. He has extremely close and wonderful relationships with his dad, his brother, sister and me. He is a true and loyal friend to many, many people. He is a writer, capoeira performer and sings in a band. He speaks a little German and Swahili. He loves to travel, eat spicy food and drink beer. And, guess what? He’s gay.   Read More.

Coming Out: When is the Right Time?
A lot of teens consider coming out and want to know how to come out and what to expect if they do. But coming out is a big decision for teens, and there are many things to consider. Sometimes it can feel like there is a lot of pressure to come out. So it is important to remember that while coming out will be a great decision for some GLBT teens, for a variety of reasons, it just isn’t the right decision for everyone.  Read More. 

We Picks Some great lgbtq coming out stores on YouTube.

LGBTQ YouTube Stories

YouTube My coming Out Story

LGBTQ Coming Out Stories

LGBTQ Resource information on coming out stories on YouTube.

LGBTQ Coming Out Stories

Coming Out Stories

What Does It Mean to “Come Out”

Coming out is the process of personally accepting your sexuality and telling others.


The coming out process is different for every person. Some experience anxiety, pain and anguish while others find acceptance easier. You may also experience fear, doubt, loneliness, anger and even depression. That’s why it is good to surround yourself with others that may be going through the same transition or who have already come out. They can be a great support system.  Read More.

LGBTQ Teens Experiences Coming Out to Parents can be tough. You might feel scared, nervous or excited. They might react positively or negatively.  They also might be kind of ambivalent or hard to read.   Read More.

Coming Out: Personal Stories from Parents, Teens and Experts

Coming Out Story

Youtube Coming out Story

Mom, I’m Gay! (what?!) – A coming out compilation

Youtube Mom, I’m Gay! (what?!) – A coming out compilation

12 year old comes out

Youtube 12 year old comes out


Coming out Help

Youtube Coming out Help


My Coming Out Story

Youtube My Coming Out Story

My Coming out Story

Youtube My Coming Out Story

My Coming Out Story

Youtube My Coming Out Story

My Coming Out Experience

Youtube My Coming Out Experience 

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